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Evaporator fans are a major source of energy use, particularly in cold storage facilities. There are two ways they cause energy use. Direct current draw to run the motors is the most obvious use of electricity. But a second and very significant factor heat generation by the motors is also to be considered as a major cause of energy use. When fans generate more heat than needed, they increase the heat of infiltration and force the compressor to run more frequently than in a well designed system.


There are energy efficient motors available, but the cost of them is sometimes prohibitive and durability is questionable.  In cases where motor changed are cost prohibitive,  Jerico can reduce energy used to drive the fan motors during the "at temperature" times, driving them at about 1/4 normal speed so that air circulation is maintained. During these times, the required velocity of air movement is less than when the evaporator is in cooling mode and absorbing heat from the cold storage box. During low speed operation, motors use less electricity and they generate less heat, reducing the rate of infiltration caused by system operation.


Unlike other types of loads, when we reduce fan speed, the current draw is automatically reduced by the slower rotation of the fan blades, so the motor will run cool and efficient. Our controllers are not finicky, require no adjustment, and come with a 5 year warranty.


Our fan controllers come in all voltages and are available in single and 3 phase models.