Equipment Replacement

Delfield 2 Door Reachin Jerico procures and installs all types of refrigeration, cold storage, and commercial food service equipment. Buying used equipment can be a cost cutting measure, but it is also risky. When considering used equipment, get the help of people that can help you avoid buying some other firm's repair problem. You will want to have technical knowledge of used equipment to make sure the value you get is good by the time it is installed and running.


Chef BasesBent Glass CoolerJerico can help you budget and choose for equipment, help you avoid the wrong equipment for your application, and help you discern between good and bad when it comes to used equipment value.


Did you know that some walk in boxes use about twice the electricity that others do? The best value is not always the least expensive nor is it the most.  Efficient air conditioners off the shelf can be improved for better energy efficiency, usually a reduction of 50% is possible! 


For a price on individual replacement items or a complete package, contact us today.