DX Chillers

50 Ton "Plug and Play" ChillerChillers are a great method to generate centralized cooling for air conditioning systems and process cooling. Even though chillers are an efficient means of cooling distribution, DX chiller barrels have inherent weakness in heat transfer.


Jerico is able to greatly improve the heat transfer characteristics of chiller barrels. By elimination of oil logging, (buildup of oil in the chiller barrel), as well as by fuller distribution of liquid refrigerant throughout the barrel, we are able to greatly increase the effective surface area of the chiller barrel. By controlling the evaporation much more closely, superheat can be reduced safely, increasing the heat transfer area of the barrel without compromise of safety to the compressor.


Whether it is energy, capacity, or reliability, Jerico is able to install, retrofit and provide ongoing support for chillers in air conditioning and process cooling applications.